Our Story 

Having started initially as a custom mirror company, we have "an edge" in leading design ideas, as well as experience. From as far back as 1981, our earliest specialization with mirrors spearheaded our evolvement into the operation of our beautiful design showroom that exists today.

Our staff is fully committed to being the indisputable leaders in the glass & mirror industry.

In addition to our tremendous mirror and glass products on display, one can indulge in all of our hand-chosen home decor accessory items. Whether it's a mirrored wall or an oil on canvas from a renowned artist, your sense of appreciation for the "finer things in life" will be stirred up. Mix in the aroma of candles and the potpourri and you quickly realize that this is someplace special.

Indeed, our showroom is always a work "in-progress" - always changing - always for the better - always to serve our local customers. From our inception, back in 1981, we held to one goal...to be the "Best Little Showroom in Texas!"

Need to find us? Visit our showroom!

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday | 8 - 4 pm

Saturday | 10- 2 pm

Closed Sunday